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Inventory Hack : Weapons Changer in game (Including 15 unreleased weapons).
No Recoil : Weapons Changer in game.
No Spread : Remove your gun spread and increase your accurency.
Infinite Ammo: Wolf Changer in game.
Continue Shoot : Continue shooting with pistol and sniper.
No Reload : Never reload your weapon.
Rapid Gun Fire : Super fast shoot.
Wallhack Name ESP : See enemies names & health throw the walls.
Wolfhack : Wolf Changer in game.
GameMode : Change the current game mode.
Hero Mode : Play with Hero in normal game.
Green Room : Create green room (Power master item).
Invisible / GhostmodeP : You are totaly invisible and free to get hit you must join observ room + sucide 1 time to enable it.
No Fall Damages : Dont lose hp when you fall.
Perfect MS : Freeze all players to 0 MS so you can join any room without crash.
Respawn Where Dead : You respawn where you have been killed.
Infinite Wolfs Balls : Unlimited Wolf ball's .
Rank Changer: make your friends mad with this rank changer.
Kills Adder: make your friends mad with this kills changer.
Gold Adder: make your friends mad with this Gold adder (AP & WC coming soon).
Deaths Reset: make your friends mad with this Reset Death count.


DOWNLOAD LINK: ?i3cg0ip82jvyxtg

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