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Addictice Game : DOTA 2

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Genre(s): RPG, Strategy
Release Date: TBC 2013
Publisher: Valve
Developer: Valve
Age Rating: ESRB Pending | PEGI Pending

Valve’s sequel to Defense of the Ancients, the Warcraft III mod that prematurely invented the MOBA genre back in 2003, has some stiff competition in the form of Riot’s League of Legends, but they seem to have reached a point where they’re capable of co-existing alongside one another. Free-to-play and with a heavy investment in eSports, Dota 2 – like all Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas – mixes real-time strategy with rapid character development, putting a heavy focus on teamwork.

Valve’s game distinguishes itself through its integration with Steam Workshop, allowing players to create and upload their own items, which will be considered for inclusion in the main game. Many of the talented 3D artists submitting them are making a decent living via sales to other players.

Though Dota 2 is still technically in beta, that hasn’t stopped it from being the most-played game on Steam.


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